Balamban, Cebu

Ok, so you’ve been to the beach. You’ve had your fill of beaches (as if that was possible). You’re ready for a change. Here’s what you do: road trip part duex. This time pack your bags and head up the mountains. Just drive straight on up Busay, keep going for about an hour until you see a sign (and an extremely steep drive up) calling you up to West 35 Eco Resort, Balamban.

Balamban, Cebu

Sunrise at the beach has its appeal, but something about the fresh air up in the mountains just calms my heart.

kgu blog

kgu blog2

Yes, that’s my sister, Kryz, surrounded by greenery. This is an excellent place for taking photos of your loved ones. Though, to be fair, not everyone will look like her. Case in point, here are some shots of my mom and I trying to be glamorous. Not quite the same effect.

mom and me

Pretty dew drops. Imagine being surrounded by this much beauty. I’m not kidding, everything looked like this.

West 35 Balamban

Here’s a quick shot of their accommodations, yes, that is a trail of tiny yellow flowers leading to you room. It’s like a Disney movie. Bad guy not included.

West 35 Balamban

I wish I got more shots of the room itself but unfortunately I was distracted when they told me each room has its one private bonfire area! What?! S’mores anyone? Anyway, I digress, check out their site here if you wanna know more.





I’ll be the first to admit, getting to Bantayan isn’t the easy. But it is definitely worth it. So find some friends or someone you love and tell ’em it’s time for a road trip!

You’re going on a “quick” three hour drive up north. From Cebu City head to (in this order) Consolacion, Liloan, Compostela, Danao, Catmon, Sogod, Bogo, San Remegio. When you get to San Remegio find a place to park your car, hop on a ferry – Hagnaya to Santa Fe, it’ll be another 60-75 mins.

By now you should be fairly sick of sitting around, but no worries, you’re very nearly there! When you dock you’ll find a multitude of tricycles ready to take you to your hotel. Or if you’ve planned ahead, have the hotel pick you up. And the first thing you should do when you’re faced with that gorgeous view? Throw all your crap in the room and go for a swim, you deserve it!

Crystal clear waters, smooth white sand in between your toes, and the ocean breeze in your hair. Ahh paradise.

See, it was all worth it.

Jack x




Beach front beach hut? Yes please.


Hanging out with my amazing friends in an amazing place.

Bantayan Sunset

Bantayan Sunset

Bantayan Sunrise

Get up early for the sunrise, I promise, it’s worth it. Have I ever steered you wrong? I was right about Bantayan, wasn’t I?! ;)

Bantayan Sunrise

Bantayan Sunrise

Bantayan Sunrise

Click click on the panaroma to see it large!

Flying off to Neverland

Fireworks over Aurora's Castle

We decided to spend the holidays out of town for a change in scenery, and found ourselves in Hong Kong. The brisk cold air coupled with trips to amusement parks gave the whole trip a distinctive feel of holiday cheer.

Every year since my oldest niece and nephew were born, we’ve documented our ever-growing family with an annual family portrait.


This year, we were lucky enough to have our portrait done in Victoria Park. Garbed in winter-esque attire and with the cityscape at our backs, we hurriedly smushed together and yelled: cheese!


For the benefit of those four cute kiddos you see above (and for me as well, the biggest kid in the bunch) we spent a day in Hong Kong Disneyland. Where Kryz and I ran around, going from ride to ride and acting like a bunch of lunatics. It was awesome. And at the end of it all, we found a good spot and watched the amazing fireworks show.

Fireworks over Aurora's Castle

Fireworks over Aurora's Castle

Fireworks over Aurora's Castle

I hope it’s not too late to great you all- Happy holidays! Here’s to another fantastic year!




If you’re on instagram you must be so sick of pictures of clouds. If so, just turn your browser of now. I couldn’t resist! Here are some snaps of the sunset from the plane.


Holiday Mode: Hong Kong (again)

I just had to share this. Here’s a short film by Ian Gamester. Talk about seeing the beauty in your everyday.


I’ve been thinking about how much we take our everyday moments for granted and I’ve decided to started carrying a point and shoot around again. I can’t tell you how much fun its been to just take snapshots again. To focus on whats happening and not think about my settings, exposure, or the weight of the camera around my neck. Here is some Hong Kong randomness with my lovely sisters.



Kryz and Diane

Diane and I

Super spicy noodles!


Tall buildings

Panda hugging a tree. Do you see it? Took me awhile.

The view from our hotel room