Flower Power

I love taking pictures of flowers, they just make you smile :) They’re delicate and just plain pretty. If you’ve been to my flickr or DeviantArt or Multiply you know I can’t resist a good flower shot.

I haven’t taken any in awhile cause… I just didn’t have access to any. Well, last month was my sister’s birthday and someone got her flowers. 

Aren’t they pretty? 

Don’t they make you smile?

And they really good title pages too! Like this could be for a wedding, or and engagement, or even a debut. I just put in placeholder text :p

And they’re super easy t shoot too, just put them by a big window (with lots of light) and open your aperture real wide to get the beautiful bokeh effect and you can’t go wrong. You can see more shots and the EXIF HERE.

On a side note, how come I never get flowers? The only flowers I ever get are these kind:


Someone owes me some flowers. You know who you are!


-Jack Kaye