Flying off to Neverland

Fireworks over Aurora's Castle

We decided to spend the holidays out of town for a change in scenery, and found ourselves in Hong Kong. The brisk cold air coupled with trips to amusement parks gave the whole trip a distinctive feel of holiday cheer.

Every year since my oldest niece and nephew were born, we’ve documented our ever-growing family with an annual family portrait.


This year, we were lucky enough to have our portrait done in Victoria Park. Garbed in winter-esque attire and with the cityscape at our backs, we hurriedly smushed together and yelled: cheese!


For the benefit of those four cute kiddos you see above (and for me as well, the biggest kid in the bunch) we spent a day in Hong Kong Disneyland. Where Kryz and I ran around, going from ride to ride and acting like a bunch of lunatics. It was awesome. And at the end of it all, we found a good spot and watched the amazing fireworks show.

Fireworks over Aurora's Castle

Fireworks over Aurora's Castle

Fireworks over Aurora's Castle

I hope it’s not too late to great you all- Happy holidays! Here’s to another fantastic year!




If you’re on instagram you must be so sick of pictures of clouds. If so, just turn your browser of now. I couldn’t resist! Here are some snaps of the sunset from the plane.


Looking back… or not.

I’m a little late on the New Years post. I tried really hard to get this post out in time, but every time I started I would just lose steam and tune in to another episode of Nikita (something to tide me over while I wait for new episodes of Fringe). To be completely honest with all y’all out there in internet-land, with so many bloggers churning out New Year’s posts – listing their down their many accomplishments, I was feeling all down and sorry for myself. 2010 has come and gone and I still feel nowhere closer to the awesomeness we all wish to achieve in our lives.

So if you’re like me, and you are taking a good hard look at your life… and you don’t like what you see, here are a few tips on

How to Survive the New Year’s Pity Party:

1. Eat. Loads and loads of whatever comfort food makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Forget what Oprah said, you can fill that void in your heart with pasta (and ice cream and burgers and … you get the point).

2. Dance. Dance like no ones looking, cause honey, no one is. Here’s a little video for you to bop along to, don’t hate me, it’s been stuck in my head for days and days now:

3. Unless you want to stay in self-pity mode: Keep your mouth shut.

Happy New Year everybody.



Just for Fun

added a little photoshop magic to my New Years’ fireworks photos.

New Year, Cebu Style.

New Year, Cebu Style.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE (and because I forgot to say it: Merry Christmas too!)

-Jack Kaye


See the real photos here