Roadside View

Roadside View

Kryz and I took a spontaneous trip up Busay this weekend. With no destination in mind, we just drove on, enjoying the scenery. Until, we saw this. Tucked away behind a row of houses was this amazing view. Can you imagine getting up to that every morning? I was sans camera but luckily Kryz had hers with her so I was able to take this panorama to share with all y’all. ;) Click on the photo to get a larger view of the pano.

From there I contented myself to shooting with my camera phone. Here’s the glimpse I had of the scenery that made me immediately pull over. The gorgeous view aside, have you ever seen a more idyllic nipa hut?

This is the same photo with a little instagram-love. Oh yes, hefe.

We stayed until the sun was well below the horizon, just taking it all in.


Jack x

Dragonfly, I think.

When I took this picture, the garden’s caretaker told me this flower is called a caterpillar… or a dragonfly… something like that, I can’t really remember. Either way it’s pretty :)

Anyways, it seems I’ve upset Boogie with her picture from my previous post.

To make peace I thought you all should know, she doesn’t normally look like this. She usually looks more like this:


Happy Boogie? :D

– Jack

Road Trip: Busay

My mom and I went to Busay yesterday. I’ve lived in Cebu 23 years and this is my first time in Busay.

I know, I’m a poor excuse for a Cebuana.

Busay was seriously beautiful. It was nice to leave the chaos/dirt/grim of the city, even for just half a day. Photo below was taken right by the road.

Listened to Sea Green, See Blue (currently loving that song) on the way up (and down and up and down) the mountain (bukid) and of course, had the song stuck in my head the whole time I was shooting.

There’s something really nice about shooting plants. Maybe it’s because they don’t look at you funny when you’re singing to yourself off-key.

Becoming a Better Cebuana,