Birthday Food Fest

I’ve never been one to diet or deprive myself of food. With an appetite like mine it’s almost impossible to do so. To keep myself from ballooning (as I have a tendency to do), I firmly believe in portion control. Eating what you want but in moderation.

Today however, all of that went out the window… over the balcony and down to the street to the neighbors house, as I indulged in my one true weakness: CARBS.


started off with tradition birthday noodles, mmmmmmm.

and bagels, ensaymada, and soo much more.


I decided to make dinner for my family. 3 pizzas and a 2 bottles of wine later and here I am! Another year older and a few inches wider.

It’s my birthday and I’ll eat if I want to.




Quick Question

Quite possibly my favorite photo of Kryz

How many of you out there spend weeks packing for a trip? Now how many take the night before to cram everything into their suitcases? I used to be the former but seems like lately I’ve become more of the latter.

In other news, Kryz turned 21 today. Happy happy birthday, I love you very much!