So Loving: Black and White Videos

I’ve always loved black and white photos, now I’m starting a little obsession with black and white films. Especially the ones that are silky smooth, sharp as a tack, with the extremely shallow depth of field, ala Love and Other Drugs.

Here’s another one by Glee project contestant, Cameron Mitchell. Loving his voice and his music. And yes, the hair. Such a sucker for nerdy boys.


So Loving: Shiny Happiness

I love mail, I must have mentioned this before. I love getting mail and I love taking the time to send someone something. In my opinion, making an effort to write a letter or put together a package just sends a little extra love along with your message. And really, who doesn’t need more love?

Today I got mail (if you hadn’t already guessed) from my awesome yu banr (language partner) and good friend Emma.

After a few moments of jumping up and down and squealing in delight. I unwrapped this gorgeous blinged out silver cuff. It’s shininess made me fall for it instantly. And it was perfect for what I was already wearing today.

Thank you so much Emma! You’ve made my day. x




Role reversal, photos for this post are care of the marvelous KRYZ UY.

So Loving

… man candy :o

Sorry boys, this one’s just for the girls. Unless you’re into it, in which case no judgements – enjoy.


Male models exiting the D&G fashion show. Photo from jakandjill.

Fun to look at but honestly, I don’t think I could be with a man so much prettier than me :/ It would just make for really awkward bathroom banter:

Man candy (MC): Hon, where’s my apricot face scrub?

Although that’s assuming they use apricot face scrub. For all I know they could be naturally beautiful.

In other news, I made a new wallpaper for my desktop. I can’t tell you how happy I am now. Every so often I minimize all my windows and enjoy the pretty colors :D.

I am so easily amused.