This started out as a list of things I wanted to do before I hit 23. I’ve decided to keep it up and have it grow with me to keep me focused and accountable ;)



1. make a portfolio

2. finish at least one work of art outside of photography

3. ride a pogo-stick

4. eat healthier

5. practice swimming

6. go dancing

7. learn how to cook

8. do something I’ve never done before (generic much)

9. play with eva and gavin

10. take even more pictures of eva and gavin

11. learn to sew

12. exercise (ick. i need to work on my sticktoitiveness)

13. read more

14. plant something

15. register to vote (and actually vote)

16. learn to play the guitar

17. start and finish a photo project

18. travel. get lost. have an awesome adventure

19. practice writing

20. ride a bike

21. reconnect with old friends

22. go skiing again

23. be content.


8 thoughts on “WHAT’S NEXT

  1. Love your list. good for you. hope you keep adding to it as you get older. there is so much to see and do in this world and time slips by in a flash. I have just reached my mid-fifties (yes there is such a thing) and it seems to have happened one day while I was sleeping.
    make the most of your life and do everything you ever wanted…
    loved your post on China. I am a travel junkie myself and love to explore new places.
    enjoy fulfilling your list

    1. Hey Cindy, thanks for the kind words. I’m definitely trying to make my time here count :) Hope you keep exploring and having fun too!

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