Hong Kong: Urban Bakery

Decided to make a little travel diary from my recent Hong Kong trip. I love discovering new restaurants, especially if that restaurant has amazing interiors and equally amazing food!

Enter Urban Bakery, we were starving, looking for a place to park ourselves and eat when we saw this eye-catching, black and white tiled, neon lit oasis. And the smell of the food they were serving instantly had me hooked.

Hong Kong - Urban

Hong Kong - Urban

Hong Kong - Urban

I didn’t get to sample the desserts but check out the fun names! Definitely curious as to whats in a See You In Hell cake.

Hong Kong - Urban

Hong Kong - Urban

Complete with “broken” neon sign that blinks on and off between: Bakery Open and Bar Open.

Hong Kong - Urban


Hong Kong - Urban

I had the Langoustine Croissantwich. I had never had langoustine before and it was delicious! But a cold sandwich and it must be the asian in me that just needs something hot during meals. My friend had the Duck Confit which was also really good. Would definitely recommend this place if you’re in the area!

Urban Bakery
Shop 322, 3/F
The Landmark Atrium
15 Queen’s Road
Hong Kong



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