Balamban, Cebu

Ok, so you’ve been to the beach. You’ve had your fill of beaches (as if that was possible). You’re ready for a change. Here’s what you do: road trip part duex. This time pack your bags and head up the mountains. Just drive straight on up Busay, keep going for about an hour until you see a sign (and an extremely steep drive up) calling you up to West 35 Eco Resort, Balamban.

Balamban, Cebu

Sunrise at the beach has its appeal, but something about the fresh air up in the mountains just calms my heart.

kgu blog

kgu blog2

Yes, that’s my sister, Kryz, surrounded by greenery. This is an excellent place for taking photos of your loved ones. Though, to be fair, not everyone will look like her. Case in point, here are some shots of my mom and I trying to be glamorous. Not quite the same effect.

mom and me

Pretty dew drops. Imagine being surrounded by this much beauty. I’m not kidding, everything looked like this.

West 35 Balamban

Here’s a quick shot of their accommodations, yes, that is a trail of tiny yellow flowers leading to you room. It’s like a Disney movie. Bad guy not included.

West 35 Balamban

I wish I got more shots of the room itself but unfortunately I was distracted when they told me each room has its one private bonfire area! What?! S’mores anyone? Anyway, I digress, check out their site here if you wanna know more.





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