Flying off to Neverland

Fireworks over Aurora's Castle

We decided to spend the holidays out of town for a change in scenery, and found ourselves in Hong Kong. The brisk cold air coupled with trips to amusement parks gave the whole trip a distinctive feel of holiday cheer.

Every year since my oldest niece and nephew were born, we’ve documented our ever-growing family with an annual family portrait.


This year, we were lucky enough to have our portrait done in Victoria Park. Garbed in winter-esque attire and with the cityscape at our backs, we hurriedly smushed together and yelled: cheese!


For the benefit of those four cute kiddos you see above (and for me as well, the biggest kid in the bunch) we spent a day in Hong Kong Disneyland. Where Kryz and I ran around, going from ride to ride and acting like a bunch of lunatics. It was awesome. And at the end of it all, we found a good spot and watched the amazing fireworks show.

Fireworks over Aurora's Castle

Fireworks over Aurora's Castle

Fireworks over Aurora's Castle

I hope it’s not too late to great you all- Happy holidays! Here’s to another fantastic year!




If you’re on instagram you must be so sick of pictures of clouds. If so, just turn your browser of now. I couldn’t resist! Here are some snaps of the sunset from the plane.



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