A wishlist of sorts

It’s November and Christmas is only a few weeks away. Is everyone as excited as I am? I have loads of photos to show you, but I’ve been swamped with shoots upon shoots and I can’t share anything just yet. So instead, I’m making a random list that could possibly pass as a gift guide. Or not, like I said- random.

1. Short hair.

Not really a gift I know, but I’ve been obsessing about cutting my hair for ages now. Every now and then I get itching to cut off all my hair. I just can’t help it. I’ve never been the type to be patient enough with Rapunzel-long-locks. Unfortunately, I have biology going against me. With cheeks like mind the short hair I crave just makes me look like a pudgy little boy. But then at least, I’d have the body to match! Help me decide, strangers on the internet, what do you think? Keep it or cut it off?

2. Fuji xpro1.

Despite the mixed reviews (and price tag) on this cam, it still haunts my every waking moment. Well, ok, maybe not. But I definitely think about it a lot. Just read this review from Zach Arias and tell me you don’t feel the same! I know, I know, that’s Zach (first name basis, we’re tight that way) who is to say your pictures will turnout as amazing? Valid argument, it’s the photographer not the camera, but just look at it!

Photo from fujifilm.com

Ok, maybe I just have gas (gear acquisition syndrome).


3. Wacom tablet

I got mine 2 years ago and it’s my favorite thing ever. Sure you can get the job done with your mouse but think of your wrists! I have the Intous4 but they’ve rolled out the Intuos5 and it looks good (there I go again with the gas), I definitely recommend this.

Photo from Wacom.com


4. ONA bag insert

If you travel a lot this is a fantastic option to have. When I went on my China and Eurotrip I lugged around a huge backpack and spent my days wondering around like a sweaty turtle (eww).

Photo from photojojo.com

5. Ceramic alarm clock

So chic, so want it.

Photo from westelm.com

6. Muijo iPad sleeve

I’m starting to see a pattern in my choice of accessories….

Photo from mujjo.com

7. Awesome typeface bookends

Photo from designsponge.com

Ok, that’s all I got. For now. What have you been obsessing about? Hit me up in the comments, I’m desperate for gift ideas!


Jack x


5 thoughts on “A wishlist of sorts

  1. What a fantastic list! O cute little white clock.
    As for the hair, I can only speak from someone who’s dying to have long hair and can’t grow it. But if you try it, it can always grow up, and there are lots of amazing shorter and medium styles that probably won’t make you look like pudgy boy, lol!.

  2. Jack, for your sister’s photos are you shooting manual? what lens and ISO do you use the most. I’m practicing with a canon 3Ti and 50 mm f1.4 lens. Cheers ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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