Roadside View

Roadside View

Kryz and I took a spontaneous trip up Busay this weekend. With no destination in mind, we just drove on, enjoying the scenery. Until, we saw this. Tucked away behind a row of houses was this amazing view. Can you imagine getting up to that every morning? I was sans camera but luckily Kryz had hers with her so I was able to take this panorama to share with all y’all. ;) Click on the photo to get a larger view of the pano.

From there I contented myself to shooting with my camera phone. Here’s the glimpse I had of the scenery that made me immediately pull over. The gorgeous view aside, have you ever seen a more idyllic nipa hut?

This is the same photo with a little instagram-love. Oh yes, hefe.

We stayed until the sun was well below the horizon, just taking it all in.


Jack x


6 thoughts on “Roadside View

  1. What I find interesting is that the images you’ve achieved look like paintings…and for sure the base images- the landscape and the light (+ your inspiration)- contributed greatly to the effect.

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