Here are some favorites from a shoot I did for a new shoe brand, R (https://www.facebook.com/shoes.r).

Follow them over on www.facebook.com/shoes.r
Model: Rogelie Catacutan
Photos: Jacklyn Uy
MUA: Casey Siao

Cebu is blessed with vast blue skies and big fluffy clouds at almost anytime of the year. Originally the idea was to use that as our background. But the more I looked at these crazy-sexy-high-as-heaven-killer heels the more I thought the look just didn’t fit.  So I decided to go for a more dramatic, stormy, and mysterious feel.

R Shoes

R Shoes

R Shoes

R Shoes

R Shoes

R Shoes

R Shoes

The shoot was anything but dramatic. We spent most of the day laughing and telling stories while waiting for the best time to shoot. We had a blast behind the scenes which made me think- enjoying yourself while you work really makes all the difference. And bravo to our fantastic model who was brave enough to stand in 6″ heels, on top of a uneven wall, with a loooong drop behind her.  She attracted quite a crowd of tourists by the end of the day! And of course, special thanks to Cleo, our human safety net.

(l-r: Cleo, Casey, Rog, Me, Roxanne)




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