Singapore: Landing

Singapore from Above

The P.A. system crackled and the pilot’s voice announced:

Ladies and gentlemen, we are beginning our descent to Singapore.

I look out my window to the rainy and foggy scene that awaits me and I’m giddy with excitement.

Singapore from Above

I flew from Cebu to Singapore on Tiger Airways. Flying on budget airlines is one of the best ways to start off your trip without breaking the bank. What you save on airfare you can use to treat yourself to Singapore’s yummy yummy cuisine.

Something to take note of if you are flying from Cebu, you have to pay your travel tax (before or after you check in) and the lines are atrocious. I’d estimate they get through 5 people in an hour. So if you’re flying with a buddy split up! Divide and conquer and you’ll get through a lot quicker. If you’re flying alone, do what I did and befriend other travelers to hold your place in line while you line up elsewhere.

Singapore from Above

I arrived at 4:30PM, thankfully immigration moved fairly quickly and I was out without delay. From their it was a quick ride to the main terminal to catch the MRT and meet up with my friends at the hotel. And so, another adventure begins.

Singapore from Above


More soon x



3 thoughts on “Singapore: Landing

  1. awesome pictures and nice narration!

    i wanna share to you my travel experience in Maitum, a province in Philippines. I hope the you will read this, and please hit the comment box and tell me your opinions (the writing style, content, etc.). You are also free to share it at your site, reblog, or tweet it. here is the url.

    PS, you may follow me on twitter @kloydskii.

    A million thanks!

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