Quiet Opulence

We climbed up to the rooftop of JY Square mall and were rewarded with a great view of Cebu. Admittedly, I was out of my comfort zone during this shoot (read: scared and stressed). I knew how to get the shot in my head but putting it into practice was another thing. The sky was gorgeous, full of big fluffy clouds being blown around. One obstacle we hadn’t counted on was that the roof would be pitch black. Mike (Kryz’ beau), had to shine a flashlight on our model’s face just so I could see where I was focusing for every shot!

Each shot when something like this:

Me: Light please!

(flash light on, manually focus)

Me: Thank you!

(light off, click)

And repeat.

We had a great team and were blessed with a windy clear night and I’m quite happy with how the images turned out.

WAGW’s 2011 holiday collection, Quiet Opulence, is now available online! 

Photos: Jacklyn Kaye

Art direction and styling: Kryz Uy

Hair and make up: Victor Reed

Model: Jean Lim





4 thoughts on “Quiet Opulence

    1. Hi Kat! Thanks for the kind words, I just want to clarify, I didn’t just shoot this with a flashlight. I used the flashlight to focus but for the actual photo I used a speed light to light the model. :) And I used photoshop to edit these.

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