Paris: Up the Eiffel Tower

Some things to consider if you plan to visit the Eiffel Tower. The site was over crowded with tourists, there were no clear instructions on where to line up and where to go which was extremely frustrating. We arrived early and lined up almost immediately.

But by the time we got to the front the sun was setting fast. Not having a tripod with me, I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to take any photos at all. When we got off the elevator the sun was almost completely gone, but oh my gosh what a sunset!

I just kept thinking, I can’t wait for all those city lights to come on! You can’t see it in this photo but there were dozens of flashing lights from the people on the ground taking photos of the Tower. Then, all of the sudden there was a warm glow coming from behind me. I turned around, just in time to see the light show. It was like standing an arm’s length away from thousands of stars.

And as if on cue, the rest of the city flicked on their lights and voila, magic.

Though this day had absolutely horrid moments, in the end the view made it all worth while. The lights sparkle and all your anger and anxiety just melts away. At that moment I wanted to scream, I get it! I totally get it! There’s a reason why people fall in love with Paris. Definitely one of my favorites from this trip.

For smooth sailings when you go to see the Eiffel Tower, I would definitely recommend going online and booking your tickets ahead of time to skip the line. Also, learn the phrase, where do I go from here? in French. That would have been extremely helpful to know. I was so afraid there wouldn’t be enough light for me to take photos handheld I kept shooting video clips along the way. Just because I wanted to remember the moment. Then I learned, there’s a reason I’m not a videographer (lol). Here’s Le Tour Eiffel.

Music is Je Veux by Zaz and the french is by Kryz.




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