Bordeaux: Place de la Bourse

Every place has it’s list of “must see” for visitors to check out. For Bordeaux it was the Port of the Moon, or so we thought. Almost every online guide we stumbled on to directed us to the Port of the Moon, a World Heritage Site located in Bordeaux. But when we got there none of the locals we talked to seemed to know what we were looking for. Eventually we found the port, so named after its crescent moon shape.

We decided to wait for sunset and do some people watching while we were at it. That’s when I was lucky enough to get this shot with my iPhone.

As it got darker the sky grew more and more vibrant. The sky and the lights reflected back on the mirror pool and it was just gorgeous.


Unfortunately, I didn’t have a tripod and it was getting much to dark to take any pictures handheld. I scanned frantically for some place to set my camera down as the light was fading fast. I found the perfect spot right in front of Place de la Bourse, the most spectacular building along the port. I just love how these turned out.


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