TonG Coffee

I received some TonG Coffee today, after my little happy dance, I decided to try my hand at a little product photography. Tried a few variations of this shot. Different backgrounds, angles, reflectors and this was the final shot. I just love how yummy the blue looks with the dark brown coffee. Would love to hear what you think about the shot! Critique away.

TonG , pronounced Ton-Gee. What makes TonG Coffee different from the rest? It is freshly roasted for the weekend markets and customers who buy coffee week over week for their homes, offices, hotels, cafe’s and restaurants around the country.  You will see that every coffee bean is coated by it’s natural oils, a mark of “Freshness”.

TonG Coffee is available at The Munchy Market, be sure to like their Facebook page and register at their site to stand a chance to win The Bite Box! A sampler or all their yummy goodies.

So what’s a coffee addict to do with yummy fresh coffee? Here’s a little iced coffee recipe for those days when the heat is just getting you down.

First thing you have to do is, brew your coffee of course. TonG recommends 1 tbsp for every 6 oz cup of water. Then pour it down some ice trays and stick it in the freezer. Yes, our ice trays are adorable. The photo below has iced coffee hearts, arrows, and duckies!

Then the rest is easy.

Add milk and as the ice coffee cubes melt your coffee just gets richer and stronger and mmmmm.

My one glass lasted hours and hours, just keep adding milk to taste. ;)




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