London: Buckingham Palace

We wake up bright and early, ready to see the inside of the Palace, only to get there and find out they don’t do tours until the summer time. With a few hours to kill before the Changing of the Guard would take place, we decided to check out the Queen’s Gallery.

They had an exhibit on Dutch landscapes and it was absolutely amazing. I went in expecting nothing and came out amazed and inspired.

Then it was on to the Changing of the Guard. The grounds were completely packed with people and we were smushed into one side. Luckily, we had this great woman keeping the peace. She was so funny and so sweet, it really made a huge difference in crowd control. And we found out later on it was her last day on the job! Best security officer ever!

This man stepped in front of me and people started ohhing. I didn’t get it at first, wasn’t until I saw the little guy in his hood that I joined in :p

Then the music started and you could feel the excitement in the crowd.

They disappeared behind the gates and played the Starwars theme song. It was awesome. And because I’ve talked about it enough here are a few shots of the Palace.

Major lens distortion! Tried again from a better angle.




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