Port of the Moon

Bordeaux is pretty much a ghost town on Sundays. We wandered around the city center to find shop after shop all closed for the day.

As sort of a last ditch attempt to save our first impression of Bordeaux, we set out for Port of the Moon. No one could tell us how to get there, no one was even sure what we were talking about. We had read about it online and I guess the locals call it something else. After a long walk and endless wrong turns we found it, oh my gosh, it definitely did not disappoint.

Port of the Moon:


Enjoying the sunset:


What a beautiful place, even with just a camera phone it still shines.



5 thoughts on “Port of the Moon

    1. Thank you :) I went back to the same place tonight, it was so much windier but I got completely different photos. Can’t wait to share those.

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