Playful Precision

Just a quick thought process on what was going through my head for this collection. From shoot to post process.

More often than not I find the names of these collections get more and more oxymoronic (just made up a new word) but still strangely accurate. Playful Precision, that is exactly what I had in mind while I was shooting this. I was informed that my model was a ballerina so I tried to use her skills to my advantage. I had her jump into the different poses I had in mind for most of the photos. I wanted the set to look light and happy, to match the colorful and sporty clothes she was modelling. At the same time I noticed, she jumped right on mark, she had so much control and discipline which is really what made all of this possible.

Then in post, it just seemed to make sense to draw around her. Add what I ended up calling “bubbles” to really play into that light and airy feel I was talking about. It’s such a fun collection, I wanted the photos to reflect that. All the bubbles were carefully placed to match her mood, pose, and clothes.

And that’s pretty much it, enjoy!

Shop this collection here: HERE.

Model: Camille Veloso | MUA: Pops Capul | Stylist: Kryz Uy | Photographer: Jacklyn Kaye





5 thoughts on “Playful Precision

  1. This is my current fave of all your WAGW shoots. The concept rocks. And the model’s face shows no difficulty in jumping. She makes posing and jumping at the same time look effortless.

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