Link Love: Cebu

I love discovering new things, eager to travel and find new adventures I sometimes forget there’s still so much of Cebu I still never seen. Which is why finding travel blogs and websites dedicated solely to getting to know more about Cebu is such a treat.

This great site, ZeroThreeTwo, I heard about from Sabs. It’s all about Cebu and everything that makes my little bit of the world awesome. They talk about where to eat (and I actually like their selection of restaurants), what to check out, and other interesting tidbits.

Another Cebu travel blog that you want be sure to check out is Where the Blog. Get the backpackers perspective on where to go and what to see outside of the city. What I love about this blog is that you don’t just get the story, which is fun on its own, but you also get a breakdown of all your options: where to stay, what to do, where to eat etc. They are so detailed and so fun, it has become my go to site whenever I want to plan a trip nearby.




7 thoughts on “Link Love: Cebu

  1. I’ve been to Cebu like five times because my family and I love it there! We usually stay at Shang but I’m glad you shared the sites so hopefully next time we can see some other places. My boyfriend’s actually from Cebu so the place has a special spot in my heart! :-P

    1. Shang is great, it’s usually where I take my friends when they come to visit. And honestly, I think they may be a little sick of it lol.

      What I love about these sites are they show case a lot of places in the city that only “locals” would get to know about.

      Hope you enjoy your next trip to Cebu!


  2. zero three two asked me to contribute for them! u want? also, ako gi pasa nimo ang urban living girl hahaha ikaw na write sa article okay ra? dont start yet, ill coordinate sa w her. linked her to ur blog.

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