Constantly Evolving

I post-process and enhance almost all of my shots (when I’m not feeling too lazy). The point is to get that shot looking like what you saw in real life or trying your best to get that shot to say what you want it to say. I try to get it right in-camera but more often then not I don’t get that “shot” straight away. And since I don’t always get it right the first time, I keep at it. Constantly looking back at my body of work, constantly trying to improve, and constantly trying to get that “shot”.

Here’s a photo I took on a trip to Inner Mongolia last May 2010. This was taken at around 3 in the afternoon, under the desert sun. The desert was absolutely amazing. Just golden sand stretching out to met clear blue skies. It was beautiful. The problem with being in the desert is – it’s the desert. It’s hot and sandy, you can’t see your images on the screen and you can’t stay out of the shade too long without feeling like you’re in an episode of Survivor gone wrong.

This is the shot I posted online a few months back when I first blogged about this trip.

Kubuqi Desert: May 2010 version

And here’s the shot I re-edited yesterday after reading this post from Chase Javis’ blog.

Kubuqi Desert: December 2010 version






4 thoughts on “Constantly Evolving

    1. Hi M,

      Oh gosh how I wish there was a link I could send you with all you need to get all the effects you want. I know I’ve been searching for that link for years now lol! When it comes to pp a lot of what I do is trial and error. I start of with a peg and the client brief and from there I think of ways to make the photo match those objectives. I recommend reading, A LOT. There’s a new how-to-photoshop book out there every week. Also, when I was starting to learn, I loved the podcast “photoshopusertv”. It teaches you a lot of the basics but you’d be amazed how much you can do if you understand the basics :)


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