Today’s blog post is brought to you by the

tristful \TRIST-fuhl\ adj.

full of sadness; sorrowful

Even though I am anything but tristful. I’m actually feeling quite chipper. Despite being sick… again. It occurs to me that I complain far too much about being sick on this blog. It also occurs to me that my immune system sucks (bleep). I’ve spent the last few days working off my couch, watching and laughing my (bleep) off at the first season of Community.

The Abed and Troy moments at the end just make this show extra awesome sauce. Towards the end I sort of got really really sick of it, that’s what happens when you watch 15 episodes of randomness with no break in sight. But 3-4 episodes of Fringe later and I was more than happy to go back to the light feel good happiness that was Community.

Also, here are some photos. Because it isn’t a photo blog without any photos. :o

Kryz received some shoes in the mail. Absolutely gorgeous shoes! That’s all the reason we needed to have a little shoot in my newly painted room.

The best part, they fit me too! Yayyyy!

I wanted blueish-gray walls but they came out more greenish-gray really. I’m not complaining though, they’re great to shoot against.

Yayy for new shoes!




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