Copacetic Bunny

You all know my sister, photos of Kryz are a regular feature on this blog. She loves being in photos and I love taking them, it’s a good deal. When she told me she wanted to have a shoot with her loving boyfriend I thought this would be a great time to I’d introduce you to the man who makes her heart go ba-bump.

Most of the time Mike and Kryz are like two little kids playing house, but then they share these quiet moments that couples who’ve been together for ages would be envious of. When she smiles, he smiles. When he’s quiet, she’s quiet. And when she extends her hand towards him, he knows to be ready for a thumb war. If that’s not love then what is? x

This is the first in a series of shoots we did so you can expect to see a lot more from these two in the days to follow.




He hands her his sleeve and she turns to give me this: What would he do without me look. Too cute not to share.


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