On Backing Up and Sunscreen

I had a mini panic attack last night when I opened up Lightroom only to find that I had deleted my entire catalog… again. Pure stupidity on my part. I’ve said before I have slider tendencies couple that with some spaced out moments and I can be a walking disaster at times. My heart dropped into my stomach, my whole body ran cold, and a million and one expletives ran through my head. After I calmed down I immediately plugged in my back up drive. This is one of the times when obsessively backing everything up helps. Only lost a weeks worth of work, phew. Moral of the story, go back up you computer.

Do it.

Do it now.

I’ll wait.

Done? Good. You’ll thank me someday. Ok now on to the post. For the most part Beijing was gray and smoggy but somedays it rained. Which made me all giddy inside because in Beijing, when the storm clears I can take photos like this:

That’s right, blue skies baby! On this hot and sunny day I dragged my friends to the Olympic Stadium for some much needed photo therapy.

Unfortunately, since none of us had been exposed to actual sunlight in awhile, the heat proved to be too much. After spending way too much time searching for a way in the Bird’s Nest, tired and dehydrated, we snapped a few photos and decided to call it a day.

I only have a few more photos from Beijing to share. It’s kind of making me sad actually. :( I know while I was away I wasn’t exactly consistent with the updates but that was because I was busy discovering one of the most amazing cities ever! And there’s still so much I wasn’t able to see. But I did my best dear reader. Beijing was beautiful I hope you’re enjoying these photos as much as I’ve enjoyed taking them.

Up next, Tian ‘an men!




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