Beihai Park: 北海公园

On the way to Beihai we found this awesome little cafe. One of those hidden-hole-in-the-wall places that have their regulars patrons. They genuinely seemed surprised when we walked in. It was so cozy with big couches and books everywhere. It was how I pictured my future library to look like. And the best part was when we sat down they gave immediately gave us water! For FREE! Without having to ask for it! IN BEIJING! That was the moment I truly fell in love.

I had my first proper cup of coffee in 2 months. Soooo good! Of course I ended up on a massive caffeine high and I freaked out a few of my friends but it was totally worth it.

After stuffing ourselves with coffee and cookies we made our way to Beihai. Very beautiful, I just wish we could have had blue skies. Though all the gray and clouds worked like a giant soft box making everything look very soft and pretty :o



6 thoughts on “Beihai Park: 北海公园

  1. funnn :)
    i love how crisp you pictures are! but i’m starting to wonder though if you ever feel sad sometimes looking at our pictures and have soooo few of you smiling back at you. hehe :)

    get someone to take a capture of you, jack, para apil signature ;D

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