Inner Mongolia: 内蒙古 part II

As requested by my lovely sister, whom I miss more than 8 foreign students in China miss the Simpsons.

Second day first stop: temple in Mongolia. I have no idea what it’s called because I was much to sleepy to be keeping track at this point. Always fun to see these traditional chinese buildings set against the grimy city backdrop.

Then it was off to China’s smallest desert, the Kubuqi Desert. Most of my friends have taken to informing their families and friends that we were at the Gobi desert but I wouldn’t do that to you dear reader. I care “that” much. To show how much I care, here are some photos of the sand. Most of which I’m certain I took home with me. Up to today I’m still shaking sand out of my shoes.

Again I confirm, animals are just drawn to me. We went on a camel ride, less than a minute on my camel and the one behind me decides it would be fun to much on my camera bag. Oh fun. More than anything else I’m very happy to be able to say: “This one time in Inner Mongolia…a camel ate my bag.”

This is the only shot of me on the camel.

Eye contact.

More of the desert:

Our final day was scheduled to be an uneventful one. Just a simple 7 hour bus ride back to the University. I don’t know if it was due to plain exhaustion or the all consuming comfort of actual mattresses but my roommate and I failed to wake up the next day… or pack the night before. With literally everyone waiting for us on the bus we threw everything we owned into our suitcase, which had somehow doubled in size during the duration of our stay in Inner Mongolia, and ran to the bus. Less than an hour later we found ourselves in the worst traffic jam of our lives.

We were then informed that this was something that happened a lot in Beijing, especial on long holidays like this one. Bored, confused, and hungry our group ventured out of the bus in search of answers and food.

We were then told that these traffic jams could go one for as long as 1 week. At which point we began hoarding food and deciding who would be eaten first should it come to that.

Thankfully after an intense bonding experience and 16 hours with nothing but junk food and a never ending game of werewolf we made it back to BLCU.

The weird thing is I didn’t mind being stuck in traffic as much as everyone else. I feel like the whole bus ride home made the trip even better than it already was. I’m gonna get deep for about 2 seconds: it is all about the journey after all. Ok enough of that.

Till the next photo dump.




I had such high hopes for this post but reading it back now I see that I’ve failed terribly. I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos at the very least.


7 thoughts on “Inner Mongolia: 内蒙古 part II

  1. yayyy new post! lingaw man imong gi write. youre so self depricating! hahaha nice sad imo pictures! mike says so sad. :)

  2. Jack, your pictures are so crisp! :)
    funnnn! i’m most interested how those buddha-like formations were done.

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