Inner Mongolia: 内蒙古 part I

Apologies for the long absence. I can explain, I spilled a whole liter of water into my laptop (no I’m not exaggerating, I just happen to always carry a liter of water with me where ever I go) and after a brief freaking out/holy shit/when was the last time I backed up moment I immediately switched it off. At this point I was advised that it might be a good idea to blow dry it.

Ok, why not.

When my space bar began to warp into a puddle of plastic it suddenly dawned on me that this might not have been the smartest idea.

Yes this happened a month ago and only really prevented me from using my laptop for about 3 days but… I was also attacked by a bear… carrying a liter of water. In fact, it was the bear who spilled the water into my laptop.

I kid of course, the water was entirely my fault. Don’t blame the bear.

Moving swiftly along, I went to Inner Mongolia (内蒙古) here’s a quick rundown/photodump of the trip:


1:00 Get on the bus, the epic journey begins.

1:05 We all discover the joy of earphone splitters and proceed to drain the batteries of our mp3 players.

4:00 Much needed pee break.

4:10 Back on the bus. Woohoo.

Bus ride scenery:

8:00 Arrive. (到了)

8:15 Walk into our hotel room and proceed to squeal loudly (much to our neighbors dismay) at the sight of actual mattresses. I cry a little.

8:30 KTV.


7:00 Breakfast

8:00 Back on the bus. Hooray.

12:00 Arrive at the Gegentala Grasslands.

1:30 Survived my 2nd most disgusting “toilet” experience in China. I say “toilet” because I don’t think you can call a hole in the ground (covered in things I can’t say here internet) a toilet.  And yes I said 2nd most. Up until this point the gorge was still number one on my list. This wasn’t as bad because of the old women next to me taking a dump. That made the whole experience a little most surreal and a lot more funny.

1:58 Head off to watch some Mongolian wrestling.

2:11 Horse race.

3:15 I opted not to ride the horse and found that cattle are strangely drawn to me.

3:35 Bored with taking photos for sheep, horses, and the odd chicken. My friends and I begin a (not so) epic journey to the pile of rocks 在 yonder.

3:44 We realize how un-epic (oh yeah thats a word) our journey was when the rest of our group joins us. Turns out we were really suppose to meet at that there yonder pile of rocks. Good news is, it wasn’t a pile of rocks where people were sacrificed for victory in war. Better news, if you walk around it 3 times and throw in your own rock to the pile you get a wish. Sweet!

3:59 Determined to prove our awesomeness that epic shots begin.

4:01 Epic shot fail. I decide to stay behind the camera at this point.

6:00 Back on the bus.

9:00 Hotel. Sleep.

To be continued…



18 thoughts on “Inner Mongolia: 内蒙古 part I

  1. Jack! Your photos are sooooo NatGeo worthy. I love them all. All of them. And i love you and miss you and I was so freaking worried that I didn’t hear from you. Soooooo nice! You’re AMAAAAZING.

  2. hoy gira man sa bangkok!hahahaha miss you inday! post more blogs para we know what ur up to! sige ra daw kag date mga tisoy! hahahaha joke

    1. Bata tanan puti akong kuyog, they all prefer you and hate mike a little bit, I am not kidding. It is 12 midnight and I hate yet to finish homework but I will force an update now because 1. I love you and 2. I simple cannot be bothered to learn anymore chinese.

  3. Hey I read that you should put your electronics in rice (uncooked) to help it dry out faster…maybe you should try that next time instead of using a hairdryer. Of course you can just avoid a next time haha

    Love all your shots! They’re all very WOW

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