Beijing: Great Wall

毕若薇 非常 爱 北京!

We went on a class field trip the Great Wall (长城). This is my class:

A7 班

Took me about one and a half hours to get to the “peak”. A fourth of the way up I found myself saying: “is this the wall? are we at the wall? is this it?!!” but of course it wasn’t. I hadn’t made it past the stairs yet :o

Halfway through I really thought I was going to hurl and all the 加油’s (go!) in the world couldn’t make me feel better.

Three quarters in and we are serenaded by a fellow traveler’s rendition of: Your Song.

Finally made it! Then I realize: “Oh… we just made it to the wall… there’s more climbing to do.” But once we were actually on the wall everything was so much better! The air was cooler and the view was so beautiful. Nothing was really in bloom yet and the skies were gray because it was about to rain, but it still looked really cool.

我宿友。My roommate.

From 北京 with 爱,(from Beijing with love),



16 thoughts on “Beijing: Great Wall

  1. awesome pictures!!!! – im copying boogie’s comment because no other word to describe it except AWESOME!!!!!!! :)

  2. Love the photos!

    You guys climbed up to the wall? When I went to the Great Wall 2 years ago we took a tram up to the wall.

    Yeah the air up there is refreshing :D Man I miss nice cool weather

    1. I was suppose to have a jump shot too but someone screwed up (3 times!!!) and I landed on my toe wrong on the third time :(

  3. haha did you get the “I climbed the Great Wall” certificate??? my sister and i got when we reached the top coz we were huffing and puffing all the way and then when we got back down, they had the same certificate diay! sus! hahaah

    How are you indai?

    1. We didn’t get any certificates haha, I thin I deserve an “I almost passed out on the Great Wall” certificate.

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