Beijing: Around Wangfujing

Wangfujing Church:

The whole courtyard in front was swarming with skaters and tourists:

After mass we headed for food street, fun and kinda gross haha!



54 thoughts on “Beijing: Around Wangfujing

  1. You blog is awesome. Need to tell you somethings after the experience of knowing it:

    1. I really need to work hard to take photos so good as you;
    2. I’ve never heard about Cebu City before knowing your website;
    3. I’m in love with your sister Kryz. She’s completely Gorgeous. :)

    Keep on doing this fantastic work!

  2. TALK ABOUT BLOG TRAFFIC JACK JACK!! way to go! hahaha :D missing you back home though. but dude, SICK PHOTOS! i hate you. hahaha much love!

  3. Ngiga daghana pans manang da! Nindota imo pictures uy! Damn! Muadto mi gretch Singapore next week. Hope I could getpics half as good as urs!

  4. Real nice pics. The food looks good, not mouthwatering as I am a veg!!

    I am sure, there are times when it is difficult to identify, which one is veg and which is non-veg. Were there any veg dishes at all?

    1. They have fried ice cream, caramelized fruits, and stinky tofu. Yes, it’s really called stinky tofu heh heh :)

  5. I was telling my mom your in Beijing and she says (in fookien of course) “How come she didn’t invite you?!” Haha I agree how come you didn’t invite me!

    1. I DID!!! Last time I was there I asked you if you wanted to come with me but you said you were busy with PSID :o But There are times when I’m thinking ohhh Jenn would have loved this! I have this classmate that really reminds me of you! But she’s not as funny haha :p Miss you!

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