Exploring BLCU

We spent last Saturday exploring our campus. Though our friends from Tsing Hua University were telling us there is really nothing to see at BLCU, we still found stuff to take pictures of anyway :)

So here’s where I walk to class everyday. Sniff, smell that cool morning air.

And everyday I pass the football field, oval, tennis courts, etc. and everyday I think to myself: “Oh that would be fun! I should work out some time…” Ahh the promise of “some time”. Also, on a completely random note: bromance alert.

Everyone has a bike here. Since I’ve been here I’ve almost been run over on 4 separate occasions.  Which makes me want to get a bike cause I think I’d feel safer if I was in a moving vehicle as well?

This is my dorm. 17 楼。

And here are some random shots of the foliage. I just pass it everyday and I think: “oh that’s pretty, I should take a picture of that.” So I did.

I was so happy when I saw the cherry blossoms! Sooo pretty! I could stand under thats tree forever. Totally makes my day to see it everyday :) Here’s to cherry blossoms and bromances.



14 thoughts on “Exploring BLCU

  1. bromance photo is so cool. parang nakapose talaga sila for that. haha love love the foliage photos. :)) can’t wait to keep reading your updates dai. *internationalhug*

      1. I’m a postgraduate study comparative Literature. I’m Chinese.
        Nice to meet you. In Chinese, it’s 缘分(Yuan fen). :)

  2. Hello there!

    I just stumbled across your blog and saw that you went to BLCU! I will be attending BLCU starting in September, but I will be in Beijing at the end of June!! Your pictures are so clear! What type of camera do you use?? I just started a China blog as well! You are more than welcome to check it out :) (anicawu.wordpress.com). How long will you be in China??


    1. I’ll be gone by June :( BLCU is awesome, lemme know if you have any questions about dorms and things, I’d be more than happy to help. I’m using a d90.

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