Photoshoot: Kryz Uy

As I’ve said before, like an annoying two year old repeatedly calling for his mommy, when my sister is in town two things are bound to happen. We go to the beach and we have a photoshoot. And this trip was no exception.

First we had a little photoshoot for What A Girl Wants. Only unlike last time, she stayed behind the scenes and took care of the styling. Here’s a little preview of our stylist with the models. I’ll be posting actual photos from the shoot next!

And never one to shy away from the spotlight, we have a separate shoot just for Kryz too:

She’s 5’2″ but don’t those legs look a million miles long? ;)

These shots are for her Lookbook account, expect more to come ;)



2 thoughts on “Photoshoot: Kryz Uy

  1. i AM expecting more to come. :) i hope you don’t forget to post more. :D i love the ones you already posted. sort of craving for more. :D

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