Howdy Baby

I got babies coming out of my ears! And I love it :D Gav and Iz are so big now. I still remember them being little lumps of cuteness. Just laying there in their cribs, crying and making everyone go “awwww”. Now they can run, jump, play, demand for food, talk, and best of all smile!

Here’s one of Iz, batting her big beautiful eyes at me. Shortly before demanding for more ice cream.

They still make me go “awwwww”. Followed by: “No! Stop! Don’t eat that!” :p

Last Sunday I shot at my nephew’s baptism. Here’s a little bit from that:

I almost slipped twice in the church… during the ceremony! I’m running around like crazy trying to get the best shots. And I figured I’d be on my feet all day, so I wore my Melissa Ballet Flats cause they’re known for their comfort.

Stupid on my part, I forgot those shoes are made out of plastic!

Plastic + Freshly Waxed Tiles = Spastic Photographer.

But at the end of the day, save a few “oh crap that was close” moments, my dignity stayed intact.

Next event, will opt of something with grip and comfort. I refuse to wear sneakers when everyone else is in formal/semi-formal wear! Seeing everyone in heels just makes me miss my heels even more :( So I need a stylish, comfortable, non-slip alternative. Any ideas?

Also, while I’m asking questions to my imaginary (but awesome) readers out there, anyone know of a good camera bag? Something durable, light, and better looking than the usual black rectangles they have in the photo shops. Because yes I am a photographer but I am also a woman damnit! And I need a bag that doesn’t make me feel like a pack mule when I’m walking around taking photos.



9 thoughts on “Howdy Baby

  1. hi jac,

    i’m in love w/ izzie! haha! those eyes!!

    anyway, about the camera bag. we have the same dilemma. i use a crumpler now but this is what i really want..

    a ShootSac. duno if you’ve heard of it. its created by my idol jessica claire.
    here’s the shootsac site

    so pretty noh!

    i think its not available locally. so if u have relatives fr the states u can maybe ask them to order for u. i’m saving up for this. plus a few sleeves para change2x according to my outfit. haha. :D

    1. I was thinking of getting a Shootsac sad! But I think it’s too small for me. I need one (pretty looking) bag that can carry a laptop and my camera/lens/flash man gud :p I know, I want too much haha!

      I wanted an emera quilted bag but when I emailed them they said don’t ship to the Philippines :( I have something else in mind though but saving that for a future blog post when everything comes together heh heh :)

  2. try mo sa crumpler :)

    i also saw this brand, jill-e that sells camera bag for women daw. they have an outlet at digital walker, greenbelt 5.

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