Today: 02.01.10

Where was the moment we needed the most?

I am having one of those days when you feel like all your energy is focused on not breaking down into tears. I feel physically heavy and emotionally raw.

I’m listening to Daniel Powter for the nth time and I’ve convinced myself that this song was really written for me for moments just like this.  Sigh, emo-mode; why have my blue skies faded to gray?

So I am turning to that which makes me feel calm and sane – I’m picking up my camera and trying to find some beauty in this world. Cause nothing else makes sense right now.

And then I’m doing something not so calm and sane: starting another photo a day project. Hopefully this one works put better than the others.

Yes it is under-exposed. It’s meant to be. I’m having a bad day and the camera don’t lie.



11 thoughts on “Today: 02.01.10

  1. nice man ang picture! why so glum chum? come here! im glum also. i need a glum buddy. ahaha lets slit our wrists togetheeerrrrr lol

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