BTS Photoshoot: WAGW

Had another shoot for WAGW. Pictures aren’t due to be released for awhile though so can’t share them here, except for this one, group shot with my awesome models after the shoot :)

Aren’t these ladies just the hottest?!  From left to right: Sara, Ienne, Jaye, Yan Yan, Kryz, and  Mel.

I had so much fun! What happens behind the scenes (BTS) is usually way more fun than what goes on in front of my camera! The music in the background, the wind in your hair, and the of course, the laughs and squeals of encouragement from my many assistants ;)


8 thoughts on “BTS Photoshoot: WAGW

    1. Haha! Ok, but we need to get new models, Kryz says the cadsters are still mad at us for all the last minute-ness and labo planning :p

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