Zofia Christabel

Last Monday, after weeks of scheduling and planning, I finally had the pleasure of shooting Zofia Christabel. A beautiful, hyperactive, happy baby girl who by the end of our session had me spent!

This little bundle of energy came prepared with 3 outfit changes, tiny pink havaianas, and painted toe nails. She was a girly girl from head to toe and loved every minute of it. I fell hard for her eyes, look below to see what I mean. Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot:

First shot of the day, and the only time she was sitting still.

With mommy Yani.

With a matching hat! So adorable.

Now for swimwear.

Lost in thought.

Thank you Yani for trusting me with Zofie and thank you Zof for being such fun!

-Jack Kaye


10 thoughts on “Zofia Christabel

  1. hahaha! she is soooo cute! I especially love the swim wear pictures! She looks like she’s showing off her baby muscles :D

    Galing jackie, pro photographer na!

    1. I know! It kinda looks like she’s doing an ANTM pose haha! You know what she was really doing though? She was tying the string on her shorts into a bow :)

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