Looking to Vodka for Inspiration

The Absolut Vodka ads were born out of a “stupid client comment.”

I learned that tidbit in one of my marketing classes.

When the [ad] agency pitched their client some elaborate concept; which I can only assume involved: parties, hot guys, and even hotter girls. The client replied: “You don’t understand, I want the product to be the star.”

What was then shrugged off as being a “stupid client comment” became the almost iconic Absolut Vodka ads. Moral of the lesson: there’s no such thing as a stupid idea.

When I was asked to do some product shots for a local company, Superstar Marketing, I took inspiration from a little vodka ;)

and one with all the sizes available:

-Jack Kaye


10 thoughts on “Looking to Vodka for Inspiration

    1. Haha no, but wouldn’t a giant white box be so cool though! and what lights would you use for that? :o

      I used one SB800 and a shoot through umbrella with a reflector at the other side :) Simple set up cause I don’t have much of a budget yet to but more gear heh heh :D

  1. it doesn’t seem like a simple set up. your product shots look better than most out there–and they’re on billboards and all. awesome, i’d say… given the “client comments”, you worked around it pretty well ;)

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