Windy at the Peak


Feeling extra touristy, we took a spontaneous trip up Victoria Peak- the highest overlooking view of Hong Kong. After a taxi ride, a train ride, and a multitude of escalators we finally made it to the top. And it was freaking windy! Word to the wise: a dress is not the kind of outfit you want to plan on a trip to the Peak. Unless you want several Marilyn-esque close calls with a bunch of total strangers. Stand to close to the edge and this happens

_DSC2418 _DSC2420

But the view was well worth the chill.

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak



The Harbour Project

Hong Kong is one of those cities where you can get lost and have a blast doing it. Every trip I’ve made to Hong Kong in the past has never been for sightseeing (too much temptation involved to shop) so I promised myself this trip would be different. I gave myself a budget and was determined to “see” the city. And of course, spend time with some BLCU friends before they all headed back to their respective countries.

Unfortunately, mother nature was not cooperating with us. Extreme heat, humidity (my hair was very very frizzy) and scattered thunder storms made it difficult to get around (no ferry ride :( ). Most of my stay was confined to Kowloon and enjoying the nearby museums and the harbour.

What’s fun about hanging out at the harbour is all the people watching you get to do. Hong Kong’s just so full of life.

Then when the sun goes down the city really comes to life.

Is it just me or does it seem like there should be a giant bat signal over this next photo?

To the next adventure. x