2013: A Year in Review

To say that the past year has had its ups and downs feels like an understatement. Instead, I’m gonna go with: eventful. 2013 was nothing if not eventful.

From the ridiculous – Miley twerking making headlines, North West, the US government shut down.

To the good – Pope Francis.

The bad – Boston Marathon bombing, Keynan mall shootout, earthquakes and devastating typhoons in the Philippines.

And the somber – passing of Margaret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela, and Paul Walker.

A lot of shiz went down. And yes I know, I only have one bit of good news up there. It’s really all I could think of. I think the best news from last year would be our reaction to all the horrible things that happened. It’s a year that really showed the triumph of the human spirit. A year that tested us and brought us together. With all the tragedies and calamities last year, the way we stood up for each other and banded together just fills me with hope.

Years from now, when I look back on this year, I want to remember the good things 2013 had to offer. So before I say adios completely to 2013, I’ve made a little compilation of my own personal highlights.


Kicked off the year with two shoots for Island Girl (here and here). And I added a little sparkle to my life with glittery DIY.

01-2013 Year in Review


Had a dramatic shoot on a rainy day with Ms. Cebu, Neesha Murjani. (Check out the rest of the photos here).

02-2013 Year in Review


A little r&r with my girls. Pinacoladas, good music, good company, and a sand bar. What more do you need?

03-2013 Year in Review


Did a fun 90s inspired shoot producing possibly my favorite image for this year. And an afternoon backyard shoot with these adorable ballerinas.

04-2013 Year in Review


Showed off my inner geek in this editorial for WAGW. Then I got to work with Australian jewelry brand, Blue Scarab for this tropical holiday inspired shoot. And a quick family portrait that took less than 20 mins. to set up and shoot!

05-2013 Year in Review


Bantayan road trip with my friends where I saw the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen in my life. A shoot for Mandaue Foam and an editorial at the Henry Hotel for WAGW.

06-2013 Year in Review


More shoots for Mandaue Foam (here and here) and trying out a new more cinematic edit for this dreamy WAGW shoot.

07-2013 Year in Review


Trying out a darker and edgier look with my images.

08-2013 Year in Review


Pushing myself further to really master studio lighting (more from this editorial here). I still have a long way to go but getting there has been fun!

09-2013 Year in Review


Shot the beautiful Jenifer Martinez for WAGW‘s exclusive collection. Tried stand up paddle yoga for the first time. And joined Sue Bryce’s Create the Incredible retouching contest.

10-2013 Year in Review


Took a trip to Osaka, Japan! The last time I was in Japan was over 10 years ago. More from my trip: Osaka Castle, Kaiyukan Aquarium parts 1, 2, and 3, and Tennoji Park. And shot a fun and happy holiday editorial for WAGW.

11-2013 Year in Review


And finally, the annual Uy Family portrait.

12-2013 Year in Review

I hope you all had a fantastic year and here’s to 2014 x


Osaka: Kaiyukan Aquarium (part 2)

Jellyfish at Kaiyukan Aquarium

More from the Kaiyukan Aquarium. When I’m in the ocean I’m absolutely terrified of these little babies but put them behind a solid piece of glass and they really are so beautiful. I’ve saved the best (my favorites) from the aquarium for last so stay tuned for that! x

Jellyfish at Kaiyukan Aquarium

I wanted to create a jellyfish x-ray of sorts.

Jellyfish at Kaiyukan Aquarium

Jellyfish at Kaiyukan Aquarium

Jellyfish at Kaiyukan Aquarium